All personnel are carefully screened. Background checks are performed by the same investigation team as that which performs background checks for local Law Enforcement agencies.


We employ officers with military and Law Enforcement backgrounds, or those who have an all-inclusive security experience with a positive and exceptional background.


Metro is not a training ground for our security officers. Our policy is that officers are assigned specific areas of responsibility, learning the daily activities and functions of the property, in addition to the requested procedures of clients with the daily circumstances that occur on the premises, giving the client assurance of the positive status of his property.


We do not hire security guards. We hire officers. Our security team are professionals that are supplying the highest efficiency of security in the most cost–effective manner.


Metro personnel will protect clients and their employees / tenants to their fullest ability. They are able to handle any situation as they arise in a calm and professional manner.


Metro Protective Services stands behind our motto:          

 Security is more than feeling safe, it's being safe”.


We provide highly trained security officers, who are available to handle ANY situation.


Our professionalism, along with the image we represent, has placed Metro as an industry leader, creating employment opportunities and increasing the safety of the clients we provide service to.






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