We are always looking for qualified security officers, for part time and full time positions, as we are becoming one of the fastest growing security companies in the Northwest.


If you have a passion for the security industry, and would like to join our wealth of officers with military or police background, or if you have strong, all-inclusive security experience with a positive and exceptional background, we ask you join our team of professionals. We are looking for mature and intelligent adults, who are willing to join in our efforts in Eastern and Western Washington, to making a difference in our neighborhoods and communities, by deterring and preventing crime, as well as providing aid to our residential partners.


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We are proud to announce to Idaho customers, that we are now collaborating with.


The owner is a currently commissioned active Deputy Sheriff, and is widely respected throughout Idaho. We are very pleased with this collaboration. With our team of highly qualified officers, Metro Protective Services can now provide any security challenge you may have in Washington, Idaho, Montana and northern Oregon.


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We are excited to be adding Western Washington to our clientele, and will be actively providing a security presence. We are a "full spectrum asset protection company" gifted to aid in protection, consulting and educating the public.






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